Terms & Conditions

  • Orders will be completed, as indicated, on the customer’s online order form or paper order form. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify size, design, spelling and contact information for the order. Spirit Apparel and Stuff is not responsible for errors made during ordering.
  • Custom orders cannot be cancelled, changed or refunded once they have been processed unless the completed product does not match the order or is defective in some way.
  • Exact color and placement of the design and/or garment may vary- pictures are provided for general reference only.
  • If a product selection is back ordered, Spirit Apparel and Stuff will provide comparable, alternative solutions to the customer or a full refund. Spirit Apparel and Stuff staff will communicate options directly to the customer in these situations.
  • Spirit Apparel and Stuff staff must be notified of any error or defect within 72 hours of receiving an order.
  • Sample and sizing of most garments available at select organization events and by appointment. Spirit Apparel and Stuff recommends trying on apparel samples before ordering. When available, vendor sizing guides are provided for your reference.

Spirit Apparel and Stuff will gladly exchange any unworn, non-personalized items within 30 days of purchase.

It is the policy of Spirit Apparel and Stuff that we will not produce or letter anything requested by an individual, group or organization containing profanity or lewd images of any kind. This includes the use of vulgar language, derogatory comments, references to illegal activity, disguised profanity or any other language/images deemed inappropriate by Spirit Apparel and Stuff Staff. Spirit Apparel and Stuff reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. This policy is non-negotiable.

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Products and images displayed may be changed anytime by Spirit Apparel and Stuff at any time due to new enhancements or improvements in the products. These changes may be uncontrollable by Spirit Apparel and Stuff Staff. Thank you for your cooperation.